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Meet Linda and discover more about Dopamine Dressing

Bright coloured clothes depicting dopamine dressing

Let us introduce you to the wonderful Linda Sujeewon and the practice of Dopamine Dressing.

Professional woman

Linda is an image consultant with a passion for helping men and women feel confident in how they look, and this starts with being authentic.

Even though it’s now February, it’s not too late to enter our #funnightin competition.

You will have the chance to win a 121 personal styling session on Zoom with Linda.

Dopamine Dressing

Called ‘Dopamine Dressing’, the session is designed to help boost your mood. This in turn can help you to manage your pain.

Using their existing wardrobe – and suggesting new items if they so wish – Linda will work with our winner to help them to dress to feel better. 

According to research by Karen Pine, Professor of Psychology at the University of Hertfordshire, harnessing your clothes to make yourself feel better is a very real and valid concept.

You can read more about dopamine dressing and its benefits in this Very Well Mind article.