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How Dancercise is helping Paige live an even fuller life

Online Zoom exercise class in the UK

Paige is an incredible young lady. She was born with two rare conditions, Arthogryposis and Wieacker Wolff, which affect her joints, muscles and spine and has undergone 13 operations to date.

Now 11 years old, she is an inspiration to all who meet her. She tackles every challenge she faces without complaint and with a huge smile on her face. Her determination to live life to its fullest knows no bounds.

We feel incredibly privileged to be part of Paige’s life and to be playing a role in helping her live an even fuller life. Exercising with us has improved Paige’s muscle tone, strengthening her hands and wrists. This improved muscle tone has helped Paige’s breathing too, which with the help of her voice coach, means she was able to sing the song used in the backing track to this inspiring video. And what a lovely voice she has. Take a few moments to watch the video and grab some tissues as it is a tearjerker!

Paige is also now able to lift her body weight into her special sit to stand stander, as a direct result of attending our exercise classes.

As Paige’s mum says, “I believe that the classes Paige has been taking part in have paid a big part in not only strengthening her muscles but has helped with her breathing. The music you have been listening to (in the video) is Paige singing herself. The combination of her exercise classes and her fab vocal coach bring you the amazing little girl who gives her everything and amazes us all. “

Paige looks forward to our Dancercise classes on Thursdays and we simply love having Paige be part of them.

We believe people with disabilities, limited mobility and chronic conditions should have the same opportunities as able-bodied people to improve their physical and mental health. It is why we are so committed to making our classes both welcoming and accessible.

If you or anyone you know could benefit from our online and/or on-site seated chair exercise and dancercise classes in the same way Paige has, email us at or go ahead and book a class.