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Get Berkshire Active – Online Seated Chair Exercise

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Wednesday Mornings at 10.30am

Our ever-popular live, online subsidised seated chair exercise class run on behalf of the charity, Get Berkshire Active and is open to anyone in the UK.

This class, lasting approximately one hour, is aimed at seniors and people with limited mobility and features a range of light to moderate-intensity exercises plus stretching & relaxation.

Starting with a warm-up, we follow with three sets of exercises – mobilising, cardio and strengthening – to popular tunes, with each set lasting around 10 minutes.

We then wrap up with a cool down and stretch and relaxation.

During the class, we make sure everyone feels included and everyone is reminded and encourage to work within their own capabilities, with different options being shown.


  • Increased muscle strength
  • Enhanced core strength
  • Improved overall fitness and stamina
  • Reduced pain
  • Reduced stiffness and improved mobility
  • Easier breathing
  • Faster recovery time following operations and hospital stays
  • Greater energy
  • Improved mood

Read how Paula has benefited from this online seated chair exercise class and our other online exercise classes.

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Every Wednesday

4 reviews for Get Berkshire Active – Online Seated Chair Exercise

  1. Jenny Lillycrop

    Jenny Lillycrop (verified owner)

    We have been attending this class since November 2021. My mother has a crumbling spine and due to lockdown had lost strength in her arms. This class is seated. You can work at your own pace and the music is just right to get you moving. Since attending this class my mum can now raise her arms above her head, she has more energy and looks forward to the social side of coming to the class.

  2. Darlene Martin-Elder

    Darlene Martin-Elder (verified owner)

    This class has been really good at helping strengthen my wife’s core. She has Fibromyalgia, when we began this class, she couldn’t manage the whole class without having to sit back and rest. Now she manages the whole class, unless having a bad day herself with pain, and her co-ordination has improved so much, mainly to the combination moves involving marching and clapping, often causing us to get the giggles too!!!!
    We really enjoy seeing everyone week to week also, it’s become a community to us.

  3. Jenny ISAACSON

    Jenny ISAACSON (verified owner)

    I was fortunate to hear about MOVEability through the charity Get Active Berkshire.
    Having a chronic health problem affecting my balance, and having to shield because my husband is extremely vulnerable to Covid, I was delighted to hear that I could do chair-based exercises at home by joining zoom classes run by MOVEability.
    I explored their website and was pleasantly surprised to be invited to attend my first class free of charge.
    After the class, I was called to ask if I had had any problems with the class. Admitting that I had recently become stuck on a low seat, unable to lever myself up, Debbie pinpointed the best exercises to address this problem, which were already part of the weekly routine. I am delighted to say that after attending several weekly classes I am able to get myself up off low chairs now.
    From the time of the first class, I have been impressed by Debbie Medlin’s commitment to making contact with newcomers to see if the classes are benefitting them.
    I thoroughly recommend this class to anyone who is not taking any exercise or housebound for whatever reason. I hope that Debbie can get funding to expand what is a truly holistic service.

  4. Chris Melluish

    Chris Melluish (verified owner)

    After some discussion during the GBA class about legs becoming stronger, I thought you’d like to hear about my experience,
    About a year ago I had stair lift installed.
    I could get upstairs by pulling myself on the handrail, which was giving me shoulder problems.
    I can now get upstairs without using the handrail if I need to.
    Obviously my legs have improved, presumably due to the exercise class.

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