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Val Carroll

I have known Debbie for a good number of years. We both used to attend Body Pump classes at Nuffield and she always used to stand behind me. We were definitely territorial!  Little did I know then that some years later she would be instructing me with her MOVEability Dancercise and Upper Body Conditioning sessions to name but a few of the choice of classes available to date.  She is a very confident person with a great sense of humour.  As someone  who has been exercising for some 50 years, I think I am qualified to say that she is very professional in her teaching and always goes through the “moves” with us beforehand to refresh our memories.   She never fails to gives us “tips” relevant to the particular music we’re following.   All in all, I would have no hesitation in recommending her classes.

Paula Lawson-Brown

I found Moveability probably March time 2022….. I am 54yrs young but cannot stand up for longer than a short time, I also use a wheelchair too go anywhere. I have a compressed nerve in my spine, stenosis issues, spinal arthritis, and osteoarthritis in both knees. I have a mental health worker 3 days per week, due to the severity of symptoms & many stays in hospital BUT I am trying too not to let my disabilities define who I am. Joining Moveability has reignited a SMILE! A desire to live again!

My fitness has improved & helped me attend a Wembley Coldplay concert, the top half of me danced so much in my wheelchair, it kept moving! Thanks too Moveability, my Direct Payment from health services in Berkshire I can keep on attending Moveability within the seated capacity version classes ongoing. My mental health has really improved, my outlook is getting brighter. My advice too ones trying Moveability, keep going, you deserve life, keep moving! Thank you, Moveability,

Barbara Harrison

This class was recommended to me by my doctor, and I first thought ‘what good is exercise for a 92 year old’. But now these classes are very important to me as they have helped me so much, I hope they will continue for a long time.

Chris Tucker

I use a mobility scooter and if the weather is good I can attend on my own and be independent – these classes are a great asset to the village. My doctors says these classes are good for me and that I should keep doing them. They are really good value as well.

Edna Dowsett

I had a stroke back in April affecting my left side. After a month in hospital I received some physio and one of my ladies gave me the Get Berkshire Active link. I am so glad I followed it up. Debbie & Julie run both the exercise and dancersise classes they are so so beneficial to me. Whilst stretching and trying to dance I’m also having lots & lots of fun. I told my new physio about it and she also asked me for the link to give to some of her other ladies & gents. Thank you Debbie & Julie for doing what you do. You Rock

Mark Lillycrop

Going along to Alice Bye court on a Thursday for seated exercises has not just improved our mobility but also increased our social circle. After the exercise we have a well deserved cup of tea and a chat which is just as important.

Jenny Isaacson

I was fortunate to hear about MOVEability through the charity Get Active Berkshire. Having a chronic health problem affecting my balance, and having to shield because my husband is extremely vulnerable to Covid, I was delighted to hear that I could do chair-based exercises at home by joining zoom classes run by MOVEability. I explored their website and was pleasantly surprised to be invited to attend my first class free of charge.

Jenny Lillycrop

We have been attending the GBA on-line seated exercise class since November 2021.My mother has a crumbling spine and due to lockdown had lost strength in her arms. This class is seated You can work at your own pace and the music is just right to get you moving. Since attending this class my mum can now raise her arms above her head she has more energy and looks forward to the social side of coming to the class.

Darlene Martin-Elder

Best day of the week! Dancercise! I do it standing and my wife does it sitting, meaning we both can take part at something we enjoy. The mix of music is fab as the age range is pretty varied! Both our co-ordination has improved and we always have a lot of fun! Highly recommend coming and having a go!

Nicola Rouse

I feel so much relief when I do these exercises. The lovely ladies who run the class are amazing 👍🤩 I am enjoying these classes and finding them beneficial too. Feel like I’m achieving something for myself.

Belinda Bilcliff

Thank you so much for this exercise class!! It was brilliant. We are all in need of a lift and being stuck indoors has more than enough challenges so this was a huge light relief for me! Not only was it exercising but it was fun too and the music was a hit. These ladies are brilliant at what they do and totally professional. I enjoyed it immensely and cannot wait to do it again. Please give it a go! You won’t be disappointed! It’s not too hard to do either and all ages can take part. Thanks again and well done xxx

Nicky Hiller

So, what have MOVEability classes done for me? Prior to the first lockdown, I attended for 2 aqua aerobics classes each week and a Steady Steps class (to help with balance etc in the way that the zoom classes do). During lockdown, my mobility issues did not allow for me to take a daily walk. My range of movement gradually diminished as all my joints started to stiffen. The initial class through Get Berkshire Active gradually brought back some of the movement I’d lost. The addition of Dancercise has brought further benefit.

Colleen Du Preez

I have been a member of the MOVEability Get Berkshire Active chair seated exercise class since inception.  I am 81 and in pretty good health except for arthritis in my back and left shoulder.  Being sedentary during the lockdowns is not good for this condition because of increased pain and stiffness which in turn leads to depression. I have benefitted so much from these classes by being able to move easier, bend, walk and have less pain.  Above all this is the most pleasant group I have ever attended the instructors are warm, caring and friendly as are all the members.  Via zoom we are able to chat and hear what others are doing and it makes my day altogether pleasant.  My back is being attended to by the Berkshire Orthopaedic Clinic who commented that I should continue these exercises as I would only benefit from them. Three Cheers to a wonderful team.

Alan Hicks

Inspiring , friendly , inclusive …its been lovely to exercise with MOVEability and the rest of the group. I am stronger and fitter.

Sue Bartlett

Great fitness sessions,  and you can do them at your own level. I have mobility issues, so these classes are great. I do them on Zoom. It’s so nice to see friendly faces, and have a quick chat at the same time. They offer me structure and health boost to my week. I would recommend anyone to try them out. I particularly like the Monday morning session….. Its done my mental health good too, after a recent operation…… A good boost.

Pamela Saunders

Many thanks to MOVEability. I have suffered with psoriatic arthritis in my right foot for 30 years, and my ankle is fused, thanks to the gentle exercise I now have some mobility in my foot and ankle. I also have COPD and find the stretching exercises very beneficial, not only that I can now at least see where my waist should be so all in all very good for the mind, I am 79 yrs.

Jill Learoyd

I have been attending exercise classes with MOVEability for 6 months now over zoom and thoroughly enjoy everything about them.  Being a Bronchiectasis sufferer I struggle with my breathing and find the classes have really helped with this and my breathing is so much better. After each class I feel really motivated and energised and will definitely be keeping them as part of my weekly health routine.

Averil Cain

Peter and l have hugely benefited from MOVEability classes on Monday and Wednesday morning.  These classes are friendly, engaging and promote personal wellbeing.  We look forward to them and always feel refreshed after.  It is lovely to see the instructors’ interaction with everyone in the class.  Pity we didn’t know about them sooner. Please keep up the good work. 

Lynne Warrington

I started the exercise class with Get Berkshire Active, in February 2021. This was the start of the new me! I joined their upperbody work out and  dancercise class. I have MS, I’m 49 years old and I’ve been in a wheelchair for five years. I try to keep my upperbody as strong as possible to aid my day to day functioning on all levels. It’s where to start with all the positive features these classes have had on me. My physical and mental strength has improved no end. Physically, with now increased stamina I am able to complete the classes without any fatigue. My flexibility is 100% better which has helped me with all household tasks. Thereby, making me mentally happier and stronger.   I look forward to the classes very much as I love the social side too. It really does set me up the day and I would recommend these classes to everyone. Not meaning to sound like a drama queen, but these ladies have change my life! They deserve every success in the future.