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The MOVEability Way – Part One – Warm Up

Various class warm up exercises

In every MOVEability class, we go on a journey. We liken it to starting at the foot of a hill. When we are ready, some of us climb it gently, others more energetically, but each of us at our own pace. We celebrate reaching the top, and then we gently come back down again.

Along the way, we enjoy various uplifting tunes, have fun with various exercise moves, and learn how each move helps our bodies. When we reach the bottom, we all enjoy a well-deserved cuppa. 

We know it happens in other exercise classes, but at MOVEability, we don’t share the moves for you to copy and leave it at that. We talk through each move, making sure everyone can follow. We also explain how each move benefits you and how it can help you beyond the class. We remind you to listen to your body and go at your own pace, especially if you are recovering from any illnesses or injuries.

We understand the wide range of mobility at each class and so give upper body and lower body options for each exercise. You can do either, or you can do both.

The music is very much part of our classes—it’s not there just for background. We carefully hand-pick tunes we know will uplift and that the majority will enjoy. We then build them into the routines. It takes more effort, but it is definitely worth it.

We also remind you to drink water throughout the class. It’s an important part of any exercise class that often gets overlooked.

Knowing that temperature regulation can be an issue for some of our regulars, we encourage that you have an extra layer you can take off or put on if you get too warm or start feeling cold.

Our classes have a structure and consistency that we know people love.

Most importantly, our classes are FUN. We don’t take ourselves seriously, and our laughter regularly raises the roof!

In this series, we are going to take you on a journey with us, giving you a unique insight into our classes, starting with the warm up.

The warm up

We often receive feedback about how well our classes are planned, and one observation that clearly stands out is that we start every class with a warm-up. And we warm up properly. We know there’s a temptation to rush this stage.  If you work out alone, you might even be tempted to skip it. But why is it so important?

Here are three reasons why you should always warm up:

Less chance of injury—your joints loosen up, and your muscles contract more easily when warm.

Less strain on your heart—it gives your heart a chance to warm up, and as your heart rate increases, your blood vessels deliver more oxygen to your muscles, helping them out, too.

A better workout—it gives your brain a chance to engage with your body so you are ready to follow the exercise routines.

Examples of warm-up exercises

Heel Lift – helps to loosen up ankle joints and warm up calf muscles. To get the greatest benefit lift them as high as you find comfortable – by how much will vary from person to person.

Heel Dig – also helps loosen up ankle joints. As a partner exercise to the heel lift, they help warm up the shin muscles. Again, stretch your leg out as much as you feel comfortable.

Marching –helps gently raise the heart rate. Go at whatever rate feels comfortable. As gently or as energetically as you like. 

Wide Hand Claps – warm up your arms and legs. They provide a good opportunity to check your posture.  Are you sitting tall? Is your tummy nice and tight?

Narrow Hand Claps – smile as you clap. Smiling exercises face muscles and releases happy hormones. Moving your arms to clap continues to raise your heart rate and warm up muscles ready for exercise. Clapping helps stimulate the circulation in our hands, especially on a cold day.

Arm and Leg Stretch – continues warming up your arm and leg muscles as well as helping to get the blood pumping around your body. Just reaching as high as is comfortable.

Shoulder Shrug – loosens your shoulders whilst slowing things down for a little before the main exercise starts.

Ear to Shoulder – helps stretch and warm up your neck muscles whilst gently rounding off the warm up.

Live group classes

There are many benefits to exercising alone, convenience and flexibility being one, but there are equally as many benefits to exercising in a live class as a group. And we work in more flexible ways than you might think. Come and find out for yourself.

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