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Exercise at the heart of the community – our Hermitage village hall class

A seated chair exercise class at Hermitage Village Hall in Berkshire

Our highly popular Hermitage village hall seated chair exercise class came about as a collaboration with Connecting Communities in Berkshire, a fantastic charity that inspires action at a community level to improve people’s quality of life.

You need look no further than this class to see what such collaborations can achieve. 

The class is suited perfectly to seniors, as well as those with limited mobility or who have been sedentary and want to ease back into being more active.

Seated chair exercise and more

Held every Monday afternoon in the village of Hermitage near Newbury in Berkshire, the class attracts between 14 and 16 people each week. Attendees range in ability and include wheelchair users, people using walking aids, and those who can walk unaided. Some have disabilities or chronic conditions such as osteoarthritis, COPD, Long Covid, Fibromyalgia or Parkinson’s. Others come for a different reason. They may want to stay mobile in later age. Or they could be recovering post-surgery or experiencing limited mobility due to age-related conditions or a sedentary lifestyle.

One thing all participants have in common is that they all want to enhance their quality of life through exercise. But they feel unable to access mainstream exercise classes for various reasons.

The sessions are tremendous fun and are delivered to popular tunes. Our instructors show exercises from front & side and offer different levels to follow according to ability. An hour is allowed for the whole session, with an intro followed by around 45 minutes of exercise.

We start with a warm-up followed by mobilising exercises, aerobic exercises, strengthening exercises, cool down and stretching before ending with a tension-releasing body scan and revitaliser.

We always finish up with a chat over a cuppa and a well-earned biscuit.

Come along and try the class!

A lifeline for many

We have fostered a real sense of community. Friendships have formed along with business ideas. For some of our clients, it is one of the only chances they have to get out of the house and has become a highlight of their week.

It has become a lifeline for many, thanks to the support of Connecting Communities in Berkshire.

Can’t make this class?

No problem. We run other seated chair exercise classes at Chieveley Village Hall and Alice Bye Court in Thatcham on Thursdays and a class for people with Parkinson’s every other Friday in Wash Common near Newbury. We also run a range of live online classes, including a seated chair exercise class in collaboration with Get Berkshire Active and a Seated Total Body Strengthening/Movement class.

Future-proofing village halls

If you are based in Berkshire, and you believe your local village hall could benefit from the support of Connecting Communities in Berkshire, please head to RURAL HUBS – VILLAGE HALLS FIT FOR THE 21ST CENTURY. They have recently launched an exciting new project thanks to funding from The National Lottery Community Fund and The Prince’s Countryside Fund. If you are based outside Berkshire, your area will have similar local organisations.

If your local community could benefit from a MOVEability class, please get in touch.

Help us to raise funds to start more classes like this and to keep existing classes going – visit our crowdfunding page.