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Enhancing the lives of people with Parkinson’s through exercise and more

Debbie running a parkinson's exercise class

We are thrilled to announce an exciting new collaboration between MOVEability and Parkinson’s UK Newbury and District Branch. One that will enhance the lives of people with Parkinson’s through exercise and more.

Thanks to grant funding, we are able to put on a FREE specialist on-site exercise class for people with Parkinson’s in the Newbury area and also open up a limited number of FREE spaces on our existing seated exercise and dancercise Zoom classes to those living with Parkinson’s elsewhere in the UK, or who are local but are unable to make the on-site class.

Why our classes?

Exercise and keeping active is so important for people living with Parkinson’s, and our fun, interactive classes are the perfect solution. According to Parkinson’s UK, being active for 2.5 hours a week can really help manage Parkinson’s symptoms. At 45 minutes on average, taking part in just one of our classes is a great start.

Our classes help build muscle flexibility and strength, which is so important to people with Parkinson’s as it helps reduce stiffness and can improve balance. With standing and seating options available, our classes can cater for all.

People with Parkinson’s can feel isolated and our classes, whether on-site or online, are a great antidote.

Why join forces with Parkinson’s UK?

In the UK, around 145,000 people are already living with Parkinson’s. Every hour, two more people are diagnosed – the equivalent of 18,000 every year. 1 in 37 people alive today will be diagnosed with Parkinson’s in their lifetime. Many could benefit from taking part in exercise but don’t have access in their area or are unable to travel, making our Zoom classes the perfect solution.

People with Parkinson’s living in the Newbury area can enjoy the benefits of exercise through our new specialised Dance/Movement on-site class whilst also having the opportunity to make new friends and combat feelings of isolation.

When and where can I start exercising with you?

Starting on Friday 4th November 2022, Parkinson’s UK Newbury and District Branch and MOVEability will run a fortnightly class for people with Parkinson’s in Newbury. The class will be held in the Large Meeting Room of the St George’s Church Annex, Wash Common, Newbury (RG14 6NU) and will start at 11.15 and run for about 45 minutes.

Featuring a special dance and movement programme designed with Parkinson’s in mind, the class will include a warmup, 4-5 dance/ movement routines to popular tunes and a cool down.

Participants will then have the opportunity to socialise with other attendees, and the instructors, over a complimentary tea or coffee and biscuits.

For anyone who cannot make it to the St George’s Church Annex venue, we also run weekly seated exercise and dancercise Zoom classes on Mondays and Thursdays at 10.30am and can offer a limited number of FREE places to people with Parkinson’s through the funding provided by Parkinson’s UK.

As part of this FREE initiative, which will run for a period of 3 months, participants will be asked to take part in a short and confidential survey about how they have benefited from engaging in regular exercise as a result of these classes. We hope the resulting insight will help others living with Parkinson’s see the benefits of regular exercise.

What people already exercising with MOVEability have to say

Bruce Blaine, Chairman of Parkinson’s UK Newbury and District Branch, says, “This is a very exciting collaboration for people living with Parkinson’s in the Newbury area and complements the other therapy sessions we offer. Exercise is highly recommended to help manage the condition, however for some it can often be considered boring and repetitive. This is not the case with the classes run by Debbie and the MOVEability team. Movement to music and socialising stimulates dopamine and neural pathways, so important in managing PD and reducing feelings of isolation. We look forward to more local people with Parkinson’s taking up regular exercise and improving their quality of life as a result of this initiative.

Debbie Medlin, MOVEability’s owner and founder, adds, “We are thrilled to be joining forces with Parkinson’s UK Newbury and District Branch to offer classes to people local to Newbury, and further afield via Zoom, to help them manage the condition. We also look forward to helping those who are perhaps feeling isolated to meet other people in a similar position locally. We are so much more than fitness instructors. Through our classes, we hope to really enhance the lives of those living with Parkinson’s, not only through greater strength and mobility but also through new friendships.”

See how others have benefited from MOVEability’s classes. Take a look at the coverage of the launch of our Alice Bye Court class and watch how taking part in MOVEability classes helped Paige, who we are thrilled to announce has been able to commence full-time education! 

Here is what others have to say.

My oxygen count has improved since I have been doing your exercises, as have the pins and needles in my left hand. Sue

I use a mobility scooter and if the weather is good, I can attend on my own and be independent – these classes are a great asset to the village. My doctors say these classes are good for me and that I should keep doing them. Chris

This class was recommended to me by my doctor, and I first thought ‘what good is exercise for a 92 year old’. But now these classes are very important to me as they have helped me so much, I hope they will continue for a long time. Barbara

I am 81 and in pretty good health except for arthritis in my back and left shoulder. My back is being attended to by the Berkshire Orthopaedic Clinic who commented that I should continue these exercises as I would only benefit from them.  Colleen

How do I BOOK or find out more?

For the ON-SITE class in Newbury, visit Exercise Classes for People with Parkinson’s.

To sign up for a free taster of the ONLINE Upper Body Strengthening class or Dancercise before signing up to the Parkinson’s programme, book your class via the shop and insert the code parpro-foc22

Early booking is recommended as places are limited.

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