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Working to Ensure a Safe Environment for Our Clients


Health and safety of both our team and our clients is our number 1 priority, with this in mind we have introduced enhanced hygiene and safety protocols for all services to help protect everyone.

How we are working to ensure clients are kept safe.

  • Wear PPE appropriate to the service being delivered
  • Carry antiviral soap, disposable face cover/tissue, wipes, and sprays to sanitize hands and any surface areas involved in the service
  • Clean equipment, surface areas after each treatment/session
  • Hold a COVID-19 certificate
  • Sign up to the NHS COVID Symptom Tracker
  • Temperature check before each booking
  • Under no circumstances work if feeling unwell

What our clients can do to help us to ensure best practise

  1. Complete a Covid19 Consultation Form
    Employees receiving treatment or attending a workshop are to complete this form at least 48 hours ahead of all sessions.
  2. Good Hand Hygiene
    Encourage all employees to wash their hands thoroughly before and after all bookings.
  3. Fresh Air Flowing
    Treatment space should have a window open to let fresh air flow through the room before, during and after the session. We can even set up a treatment space outside if you prefer (subject to weather conditions).
  4. Reschedule if Needed
    If you need to cancel/rearrange your session due to Covid19 please contact us with at least 2 hours notice.