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Spotlight on…..Paula Lawson-Brown


Reigniting Paula’s smile

Our classes help improve mental health as much as physical health. In fact, both go very much hand in hand.

Welcome to our new spotlight series. Our first spotlight is on the incredible Paula Lawson-Brown. Paula joined our Get Berkshire Active Seated Chair Exercise online zoom class in March 2022.

She describes herself as 54yrs young but only able to stand unaided for short periods of time so has to use a wheelchair. Paula has a compressed nerve in her spine, stenosis issues, spinal arthritis, and osteoarthritis in both knees.

Due to the severity of her symptoms and frequent hospital stays Paula has a mental health worker visit her three days a week BUT she says she trying to not let her disabilities define who she is.

In fact, Paula says joining MOVEability has reignited her SMILE and with it, a desire to live again.

Paula went on to join both our Seated and/or Standing Dancercise Class and our Upper Body Strengthening Class (now our Total Body Strengthening / Movement class) and her fitness has improved to the extent she was able to attend a Wembley Coldplay concert where she danced with her top half so much that her wheelchair kept moving. Thanks to MOVEability and a payment she receives from health services in Berkshire she can attend our seated exercise classes on an ongoing basis.

Paula says her mental health has really improved, and her outlook is getting brighter.

Her advice?

“Try MOVEability, keep going, you deserve life, keep moving.”

Thank you, Paula. You are amazing. We love having you in our classes.

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Paula Lawson-Brown