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Waitrose ‘Give a little love’

Give a little love

Friday was a very special day, and it’s these moments that reinforce the reasons for wanting to share MOVEability with the world 💜

I had the great honour of picking up a cheque for £500 from Waitrose as part of their ‘Give A Little Love’ initiative.

I wasn’t alone, it was absolute pleasure to be accompanied by some of our wonderful clients – Jenny and Mark Lillycrop, who first told us about the Waitrose initiative and encouraged us to apply, Paige Cullum, our youngest client who has her own amazing story to tell, and Mary Jacobs of West Berkshire Fibromyalgia Support Group, who has gone above and beyond with her support.

The £500 will go towards helping us to set up our second on-site class in the Thatcham and Newbury area. It will actually be £510 because a lovely couple, who happened to be in the Waitrose Café at the time of our presentation, wanted to know more and upon hearing what we do and why Waitrose were giving us their support, gave us £10.

I must admit that my initial reaction was slight awkwardness at accepting this surprise donation, especially as one of the couple had limited mobility, but they were so moved by MOVEability and seeing some of the people our classes support that they insisted that I take it.

After reflecting, my reaction was one of excitement as I realised their kind gesture represents just how valuable people think our classes are and that people everywhere want these classes and want to support them. Thank you