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Exercise is boring

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It can be. Plodding on the treadmill, following a worksheet or pre-recorded video alone with no encouragement, trying to keep up with the gym ‘show offs’, dragging yourself out of the house only to feel too exhausted to take part when you get to your class.

Many of us have had those experiences. So when you are living with a chronic health condition, and someone says to you, ‘try this exercise class,’ you probably feel like telling them exactly where to go!

Why would you want to exercise when you’re already in pain, tire yourself out when you’re already not sleeping well and have the stress and anxiety of wondering if you’ll be able to cope and keep up when you finally get there.

Exercise is possibly the last thing on your mind, but here’s the rub. Exercise will help you if you are living with a chronic health condition. Just take a look at our testimonials. Not only that, but to see the benefits of exercise, you need to do it regularly.

A different approach

We make it our mission to make our exercise classes as fun and engaging as possible. We know how important exercise is to you (even if you are not convinced yet). 

We have a laugh, we laugh at ourselves. Our instructors not only deliver ‘doable’ exercises, but they also interact, share amusing stories, encourage singing and laughter and most of all, they really do care.

It’s more than an exercise class

We are a growing community. We help and support one another during and outside the classes. Lasting friendships have grown out of our classes. Even some business collaborations have formed. We firmly believe in a chat and a cuppa both virtually and in person after classes. 

Exercise is more than fitness

It’s a mood boost. Even from that gentle workout in your chair. It’s a life enhancer. Improved muscle tone and mobility can help you do more. If you are looking for greater independence, then exercise is a good place to start. Always wanted to sing or bake? These are just two activities that people have been able to take up as a result of better mobility and muscle tone as a direct result of our classes. 

So yes, we agree – Exercise can be boring ……………..

Our classes are not!

For many, they are life-changing!


Come and find out for yourself. The first class is FREE. Check out our upcoming on-site and online seated chair exercise classes.

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