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Dementia Friendly Exercise

There is considerable evidence that regular physical activity can reverse age-related decline in physical and mental function and help to maintain mobility, balance and co-ordination, as well as improve muscle strength, all contributing to a more independent lifestyle.  MOVEment with Mindset-Massage offer Dementia Friendly Sessions to Care Homes and the wider community, which are tailored to suit the specific requirements of participants.  These fun, interactive classes include:

  • 15/20 mins of interactive, easy to follow exercises to memory invoking music
  • Coloured ribbons/scarves for added sensory experience
  • Old Time Uplifting Tunes with something for everyone.
  • Encourages interaction with others.

Hold your own Dementia Friendly session as part of a Dementia awareness initiative or treat your residents to regular classes.  Sessions are suitable for Corporate Groups, Private Care Homes and individual carers alike – Contact us for more information.