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Jenny Isaacson

I was fortunate to hear about MOVEability through the charity Get Active Berkshire. Having a chronic health problem affecting my balance, and having to shield because my husband is extremely vulnerable to Covid, I was delighted to hear that I could do chair-based exercises at home by joining zoom classes run by MOVEability. I explored their website and was pleasantly surprised to be invited to attend my first class free of charge.

After the class, I was called to ask if I had had any problems with the class. Admitting that I had recently become stuck on a low seat, unable to lever myself up, Debbie pinpointed the best exercises to address this problem, which were already part of the weekly routine. I am delighted to say that after attending several weekly classes I am able to get myself up off low chairs now. From the time of the first class, I have been impressed by Debbie Medlin’s commitment to making contact with newcomers to see if the classes are benefitting them. I thoroughly recommend this class to anyone who is not taking any exercise or housebound for whatever reason. I hope that Debbie can get funding to expand what is a truly holistic service.